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Group Phillip Island Penguin Parade Day Tour From Melbourne Provided By Bunyip Tours

Located 135km southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island divides Westernport Bay and the Bass Strait. So there you have it people: $40 rental car plus a beautiful free hike plus $22 Penguin Parade tickets plus lunch = an amazing day under $75. Witness a colony of little penguins scurry from the sea up the floodlit Summerland Beach. Experience phillip island penguin parade tours Island and it’s nature wonder which includes wildlife, beaches and beautiful views. After learning some fascinating penguin facts (such as how they eat about half their body weight daily) inside the museum area, you are free to go home with the satisfaction of knowing you got to see the absolute best of Phillip Island without spending a fortune on unnecessary accommodation or attractions.

We recommend our Ultimate Wildlife experience Phillip Island Penguin Parade day tour which guarantees to offer you the best experience ever in exploring Victoria’s nature and wildlife. And then we’ll reach what will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Phillip Island tour – the main event – where just after dark the world’s smallest penguins parade ashore after spending the day fishing out at sea.

We enjoyed seeing the parrots and the penguin parade. You’ll be awe struck as the Penguins magically appear before like tiny dots out of the surf, and then proceed to perform their well-rehearsed parade, making their way right past you and into their burrows for the night. The date of your visit to the Penguin Parade must be booked, however you may then visit the Koalas, Churchill Island and Antarctic Journey once within 6 months of your penguin visit.

Your friendly guide will assist you to find a good location from which to view hundreds and possibly thousands of Little Penguins as they return to their burrows. 32,000 of the little things call Phillip Island home, and I mean little – the fairy penguins in this colony are the world’s smallest. Home to the best motorcycle and touring car racing circuit in Australia, Phillip Island is also home to a motorsport display of cars, bikes and memorabilia from as far back as 1928.

Penguins Plus Viewing Platform provides visitors with a more personalised penguin viewing experience. They’re also called fairy penguins.” Measuring about 30 centimetres tall, the Little Penguins weighed just 1 kilogram making them the smallest penguin species in the world. Make the most of your time in Melbourne and join this Penguin Parade Tour with a later departure to enjoy Phillip Island’s stunning landscapes and the famous Penguin Parade.

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